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    Ask your questions in this topic!
    23:01, 27 апр 2015

    You can ask any question or describe your problem in this topic!
  • 01:14, 28 апр 2015 
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    чудо-женщина 199
    i'm have a very question more and the promotion ???how to purchase
  • 17:12, 22 май 2015 
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    Едритов Мульт 3Д
    нипанятна ничо
    Нет, не было и не будет!
  • 11:30, 30 май 2015 
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    Hello, im a player who come from Eu server, i play this game from 2011, when Eu server closed, i created a player here, in russian server,but then i stopped to play, all other player from Eu server got a " promo ode " it gives eggs , ammo and a sharpies. i lost my player , and it's hard to go on form 0 , so i hope you can give it to me and help me,thank for attenction.
    _ImTheBest -Bye
  • 17:31, 30 май 2015 
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    my old nickname was ibarbo and old e-mail was k.iecle@hotmail.it
  • 17:57, 06 июн 2015 
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    I wonder if players in the European server still earn the promo code, and if so, how would I win?
  • 19:02, 15 июн 2015 
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    how I can get the promotion code??? my nickname on the eu are: Li_Lu, e-mail: LiLu2802@gmail.com
  • 21:17, 27 окт 2015 
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    Madame Blaireau
    hi, what is the promo code? I also played at the EU-Server under the same nick. But that is not the question I would like ask. I have a problem with a quest in the desert. I shall catch 15 copper worms under infuence of the PULS OF NATURE. I catched two copper worms. Thereafter I used another sphere to fight on another place. I had a break for one or two days. Now the PULSE OF NATURE is inactivated but it's still im my rucksack. How can I re-activate it now? Thanks in advance for your effort

  • 11:44, 05 мар 2016 
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    May someone answer my question ? See post abowe(dark portal)... Thanks
  • 00:40, 21 апр 2016 
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    I get the following message when I turn off my pvp experience : Нельзя использовать теги!
    I need to play without it, what to do?
  • 03:44, 31 дек 2020 
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    П и р к с
    Hi there, hope you are doing well. When commercial sector will be back to normal? Regards.
    Do you have enemies? Good. This means that in your life you once defended something.

  • 12:56, 18 янв 2021 
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    а не всеравно Отредактировано, если офиц язык игры русский...

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